Leviathan flashlight

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Body Material: Titanium/Aluminum
Pill Material: Copper
Primary led: Triple Samsung 351 5000k
Secondary led: Triple XQE (orange/red/blue/green/amber)
Driver: Dragon
Battery: 18350 (Not included)
Clip: Milled titanium
Glow gasket: orange/red/blue/or green
Optic: Clear narrow carlco 10507
Tritium slots: 14 (1.5x6mm)


3.7 volt driver
fet primary output (2000 lumens)
linear secondary output (600 lumens)
single li-ion input only

Mode Groups:
1- low red,high red,ml,5,15,35,50,100
2- low red,high red,5,15,35,100
3- low red,ml,5,15,35,50,100
4- low red,5,15,35,100
5- low red,high red,15,100
6- low red,15,100
7- ML,5 ,15,35,50,100
8- 5,15,35,100

Reversing options(1/2second press) as follows:
Turbo--->Strobe--->Batt Check (1-8 with 8 being full) ---> Bike Indicator Strobe

Configuration Options:

To enter configuration mode, quickly turn off the light 15+ times until it starts to flash. Once it starts to flash, you are in configuration mode.
Once in configuration mode, the light will give a solid flash between 1 and 5 times. The number of solid flashes indicates the option number to be changed. To select/change the option turn the light off and back on during the strobing flashes that immediately follow the solid flashes. When you choose option 1 it will start to flash 1-8 times, turn off and back on after the number of the group you want comes up. When setting the temperature control the light will go from programming to turbo, turn the light off when it reaches the temperature you desire.

1. Mode Group Select.
2. Memory Toggle.
3. Mode Order Toggle.
4. Temperature Calibration Mode.
5. Reversing Toggle.