M1 Thrower Green Osram

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M1 Thrower 
LED: Green Osram 
DRIVER: 7135X8 




The interface is as follows:

While off: - Fully click and release to turn the light on.  It will go to the 

      first mode or the last-used mode, depending on when you enabled mode memory.

*While on:

- Short tap: Do a short (less than 0.5s) half-press to go forward to 

      the next mode.

- Long tap: Do a long (longer than 0.5s) half-press to reset to the first mode (if mode memory is turned off).

- Or fully click and release to turn the light off.

- Short tap a bunch of times (10+ taps, or until the light stops turning on) to enter config mode.

*Blinky modes:

- Some mode groups have blinky modes.  They are not hidden, but if you leave mode memory off you can skip them with a long press.  

      *Blinky modes include:

- Tactical police strobe (~8/16 Hz)

-Biking flasher (2-level stutter beacon, 1 Hz)

- Battery check / beacon mode

 Each blink represents about 25% battery charge, so 1 is a low battery and 4 blinks is full.  5 blinks means it's over-charged.

   - SOS

Configuration options:

The config mode has several options.  It will blink out a number to show which option is active, then "buzz" or "stutter" for a bit.  

    Click during the "buzz" to select that option.

  *Options include:

1. Mode group.  After clicking, the light should come on in a special group-select mode.  In this mode, it slowly blinks out numbers from 1 to N, where N is the number of mode groups, then repeats.  Turn the light off after N blinks to select mode group N.  BTW, do not leave the light in this mode for long periods of time, because it will wear out the driver's memory faster.

 The mode groups are: (output is approximate)

           1. 0.1%, 1, 10, 35, 100, strobe, biking, battcheck

           2. 0.1, 1, 10, 35, 100

           3. 100, 35, 10, 1, 0.1

           4. 1, 20, 100, strobe, biking, battcheck, SOS

           5. 1, 20, 100

           6. 100, 20, 1

           7. 0.1, 1, 10, 50, strobe, biking, battcheck, SOS

           8. 0.1, 1, 10, 50

           9. 50, 10, 1, 0.1

          10. 1, 10, 35, 100

          11. 100, 20, strobe

          12. 100% only

Example: To select group 5 (low-med-high), let it blink until it counts out five, then click the button.

 2. Mode memory.  Off or on.